Ed’s Ballot Choices

I’ve decided to share my own ballot picks. The top of the races, up and down, I’m voting straight Democrat this year.  IF you have a race for senate and assembly, I urge straight D in your district. This is a time to repudiate the Republicans embrace of Donald Trump and vote straight democracy in every race.

My specific ballot:
Senate: Jacky Rosen
Governor: Steve Sisolak
LT Gov. Kate Marshall
Assessor Chip Evans
Treasurer Matt Buehler
Recorder Kylie Work
Treasurer Matthew Buehler
Public Administrator Verita Black Prothro

Supreme Court
C – Elissa Cadish
F – Abbi Silver
G – Lidia Stiglich

Family Court 2
Dixie Grossman

Sheriff Heidi Howe
Mayor Hillary Shieve

1 – Strong No
2 – Yes
3 –  Strong No
4 – Going no, but not strong.
5 – STRONG Yes
6 – Yes

If you want to chat about it, or I missed someone, send an email.

Reno politics, Dennis Hof, Judges and Steve Funk

This week on Kings of Reno, Ed and Dave welcome their first guest, longtime Reno fixture in radio and the music scene, Steve Funk. This week, the Kings cover the upcoming election on a local level. They finally get around to talking about their judicial picks and of course, always talk Trump. Funk talks about his piece in the Reno News and Review, and Dave shares his latest Facebook rant. Tune in!

Kings of Reno on John McCain and on the Housing Crisis Ten Years Later

On this week’s Kings of Reno podcast, Edwin and Dave talk about the passing of John McCain. We also wax depressed about the 2008 housing collapse.  Also listen in for our guest for the whole show, RobRoy McCandless, the official show fact checker.

Stay to the end, for our recurring segment. “Fuck that Guy.” This is podcast two, of a recurring series right out of Reno.

From the RGJ: The right wing may have stolen the Supreme Court, but liberals won the culture war

My latest piece on the RGJ is up.  Here is an excerpt, below. I’m already hearing from a lot of people who thought the piece captured some hope in an otherwise hopeless time.

The right wing may have stolen the Supreme Court, but liberals won the culture war: Lyngar

Things seem bleak today, but I feel hopeful. Donald Trump’s latest right-wing pick for the Supreme Court likely will be confirmed, pushing America’s highest court far to the right of American public opinion and good taste. By vast margins, Americans support the rights of women, minorities, immigrants and the LGBTQ community. Despite the conservative tilt of our corrupt and broken government, the culture war is over and liberals have won … CONTINUE