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A Giant Pain in my Toe and Wallet — Drug Prices Suck

The price of a drug I need for a chronic condition was raised for no reason, but I paid because I was in pain.

I have gout and it hurts like hell whenever I have a flareup.  It’s mostly under control these days, but a few months ago it wasn’t and my left toe was red, inflamed and in serious fucking pain.  I have a few normal, proven techniques to deal with an attack, like diet and inflammatories, but this last attack could not be controlled.  I limped off to the doctor, and she prescribed something I hadn’t taken since my first outbreak five years before—a drug called Colchicine.

In my vague memory, the drug costed a few bucks, perhaps no more than $20. Yet when I got to the pharmacy, the cost to fill the prescription was more than $150 for a few pills.  The pharmacist was embarrassed and apologetic.  I didn’t care. I was in pain and shelled out the money, and my very painful symptoms were gone in one day. Continue reading A Giant Pain in my Toe and Wallet — Drug Prices Suck